City Logistics Poznań I

Available from
Existing warehouse space
22 131 sqm
Minimum unit
1 500 sqm
City Logistics Poznań I is a modern distribution center located within the administrative borders of Poznań. The park takes into account highly advanced technical solutions, ensuring the highest quality of warehouse space, functionality and flexibility in shaping modules. The park uses a number of modern ecological and energy-saving solutions. The facility is equipped with convenient maneuvering areas, numerous parking spaces, "zero" gates and docks. The park is certified in the BREEAM system at the Very Good level.

Technical data of the warehouse

BuildingHeightColumn gridFloor loadingStatusFire protectionSprinklersRail sidingMonitoring
Budynek 110 m12 m x 22.5 m5 T/sqmIstniejący
Budynek 210 m12 m x 22.5 m5 T/sqmIstniejący


52.437646275637, 17.014000408915

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