City Logistics Warsaw IV

Available from
Q4 2020
Existing warehouse space
38 597 sqm
Minimum unit
1 600 sqm
Panattoni Park City Logistics Warsaw IV is a warehouse facility located in the industrial district of Białołeka with convenient access to exit routes from Warsaw and to the city center. It consists of 2 modern warehouse halls with a total area of approximately 35 thousand sqm.

Technical data of the warehouse

BuildingHeightColumn gridFloor loadingStatusFire protectionSprinklersRail sidingMonitoring
Hala A10 m12 m x 22.5 m5 T/sqmPlanowany
Hala B10 m12 m x 22.5 m5 T/sqmPlanowany


52.313446334456, 21.015488951315

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