Norblin Industrial Park

Available from
Existing warehouse space
34 890 sqm
Minimum unit
2 000 sqm
Norblin Industrial Park is a warehouse, manufacturing and office complex located in Warsaw’s Bielany district. The DK7 national road runs 2.5 km from the park, and the S7 express road – 18 km. The complex lies 16 km from the city centre and 26 km from Warsaw Chopin Airport. It can be expanded to 54,000 sqm of both warehouse and manufacturing space; a separate office building can also be added.

Technical data of the warehouse

BuildingHeightColumn gridFloor loadingStatusFire protectionSprinklersRail sidingMonitoring
Budynek 10 m12 m x 25 m<5 T/sqmIstniejący
Budynek 20 m12 m x 25 m<5 T/sqmIstniejący
Budynek 30 m12 m x 25 m<5 T/sqmIstniejący


52.29665, 20.90591

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