Waimea Małe Magazyny Kajetany

Available from
Q1 2020
Existing warehouse space
9 254 sqm
Minimum unit
250 sqm
The Waimea Holding Małe Magazyny project is a class A service and warehouse building with accompanying infrastructure, maneuvering areas and parking lots. The building is designed with a division into modules that can perform functions service and commercial as well as warehouse and production. The space of the storage modules starts from 250 m² together with the accompanying office and social space from 49 m².

Technical data of the warehouse

BuildingHeightColumn gridFloor loadingStatusFire protectionSprinklersRail sidingMonitoring
Budynek 10 m0 m x 0 m5 T/sqmPlanowany
Budynek 10 m0 m x 0 m5 T/sqmPlanowany


52.086219497642, 20.818335228847

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