7R City Park Poznań

Available from
Q4 2021
Existing warehouse space
49 074 sqm
Minimum unit
0 sqm
7R City Park Poznań is a modern warehouse park located within the administrative boundaries of Poznań - only 5 km from its center and 4 km from the Krzesiny motorway junction (A2 / S11). In the vicinity there is a modern intermodal railway terminal Poznań-Franowo. 7R City Park Poznań is covered by the BREEAM certification.

Technical data of the warehouse

BuildingHeightColumn gridFloor loadingStatusFire protectionSprinklersRail sidingMonitoring
Budynek 10 m22.6 m x 12 m>5 T/sqmW budowie
Budynek B0 m22.6 m x 12 m>5 T/sqmW budowie


52.372300582054, 16.975996788045

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